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Below you’ll find a summary of my different photography services, as well as getting an idea of how I work. If you’ve got any extra questions, you’re very welcome to drop me a message.


  • It doesn’t matter if you work in a traditional corporate role or knit tea cosies for a living – headshots that properly reflect you and your character are an invaluable way to represent what you do and who you are. Whether it’s a fresh LinkedIn DP or PR shot you need, I’m a firm believer that professional headshots don’t need to dilute your personality or essence; if anything I want to big those parts up and encourage self-expression.
  • I aim to create a chilled and unserious vibe, working with natural light and limited fancy equipment to help make you feel – and look – as comfortable as possible. My focus is on getting to know you, not just shoving a lens in front of your face and hoping for the best. Please don’t worry if you’re not used to having your photo taken, it’s my job to guide you through that bit!

Family lifestyle (includes newborn and maternity photography)

  • Lifestyle images capture the natural dynamic of your family in a relaxed, playful way. You’ll be in your usual habitat, and I’ll be a fly on the wall – hopefully not the pesty kind – artfully documenting moments from this stage in your life. It all goes so fast, and this is a special way to pause time and have memories to hold onto.
  • When it comes to maternity shoots, I’m conscious that it can be a vulnerable – as well as magical – time for you and your body, and want to help you feel as comfortable around me as possible. We’ll take it gently and go at your own pace.
  • As the mum of a toddler, I’m also very understanding of the (sometimes messy) realities that come with newborn life and beyond. I want to create a playful, relaxed environment; free of stress or pressure for young babies and children – and just as importantly, you.
  • If you choose not to share your kids’ faces online, but would like to have some special images to post of parenthood that keep their identity private, just let me know in our pre-session chat. I’ll make sure we also get a selection of photos that are fit for this purpose!

Personal branding 

  • Personal branding photos involve a wide selection of headshots, portraits and branding imagery that helps tell a story about your personal brand or small business. This might be through documenting the details of your style, craft, work environment, or products (to name just a few).
  • After finding out your needs in our pre-shoot call, I’ll start on a personalised mood board to inspire the shoot and make sure you’re able to reflect your brand identity and values.
  • Personal branding is for everyone, but especially ideal for content creators, entrepreneurs and small businesses in need of varied visuals.





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